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Pipe Band Snare Drum tuition


Mark is available for Drum corps and one to one Pipe Band snare drum tuition and is also able to offer Skype lessons on Snare drumming and technique. He is also available for seminars and master classes. Subjects covered include rudiments, technique, phrasing, sight reading and composition. Mark can also conduct lessons via email by sending a pdf and an Mp3 soundclip of a particular exercise/Drumscore or concept that a student wishes to work on. Please go to the "Drumscore / exercise sample" page for some examples.

New Snare Drum Instructional Book



"A Different Approach" is a forty two page book from beginner to advanced with over two hundred exercises for snare drum technique with the advanced section offering infinite combinations. Whether you play Drum kit, orchestral snare drum or marching snare drum this book will seriously improve your technique and show you a system and a way to practice that will constantly challenge you what ever level you currently play at. The book was released in October 2012 and is priced at 15.99GBP including postage and packaging for the UK. Please contact Mark for overseas postage rates. The book is also available to buy at MH Music in Market Harborough and Mad About Drums in Peterborough.

Flam Taps, Drags and stick control exercise played on a Bill Sanders practice pad

Mark McLaughlan playing Flam Tap/Drag/ stick control exercise on a Bill Sanders practice pad. To find out about the snare drum book "A Different Approach " got


Drum score writing service


Mark is able to provide a drum score writing service for Pipe bands or individuals looking for standard "Busker" scores, competition scores or scores that are tailor made for a specific tune. He can provide an elementary, intermediate and advanced drum setting for each tune that you require a drum setting for. Mark has been an accomplished piper for over twenty eight years and as a result of this he has gained a very good knowledge of ensemble playing and drum score composition.

When you order a drum score you will receive it in PDF format or a copy can be sent by post if required. In addition to that an MP3 sound clip can be sent of the score which will have the score being played at a slower tempo and then up to speed. Please feel free to contact Mark by phone or email for prices and to discuss your requirements. Please go to the "Drumscore/exercise sample" page for some examples. Mark's Drumscores have been used and played by bands and solo Drumming competitors from all over the world with great success with two solo drumming pieces picking up prizes in solo Drumming competitions.

The sound clips below are of Mark playing the Bagpipes

in the studio. He then re-recorded the snare drum part playing along to the recording of the Bagpipes. The third sound clip is a snare drum solo playing Pipe band snare drum rudiments along to a contemporary Bass guitar track. The first two tracks are taken from the CD "Pipes and Drums" by Mark McLaughlan and is available to buy.

Archie Mackenzie of Dumbarton Drumscore

Drum score by Mark McLaughlan for the tune Archie Mackenzie of Dumbarton played on a Bill Sanders Practice


The Walrus

Mark McLaughlan Bagpipe and Snare Drum

00:00 / 01:33

4/4 Marches

Mark McLaughlan Bagpipe and Snare Drum

00:00 / 03:03

Snare Drum Solo

Pipe band Rudiments by Mark McLaughlan

00:00 / 02:57
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